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Lunch and Dinner specials (only Togo)

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Japan is known for a variety of things, and the cuisine is certainly a major part of the Japanese lifestyle. Combining health, beauty and pleasure, Japanese cuisines are top-rated by many who have had the opportunity to taste/eat of them. Now, finding some Japanese food outside Japan might be a difficult thing, but here at Rowland Heights, we bring you the very best in Japanese cooking without you having to struggle for it. We offer a variety of dishes that cover Lunch or Dinner for you, giving you great value for your money. Our $5.99 price tag is really friendly for you, seeing as you get to fill up and have that unique smile the comes with eating good food, and for $5.99, you can order for a variety of tasty cuisines that comes with every one of our compliments.

We have several categories of cuisines for family, You can choose to order in-store pickups online.. Our lunch specials served with served with salad, rice, soup .

All our chefs are top-rated chefs that understand the essentials of Japanese cooking, and even here in Roland Heights, there is no difference in taste or quality. Our eating area is also designed to give you a sense of Japanese traditional style, allowing to you experience Japan even in Los Angeles .

For just $5.99 the above could be yours. Give us a visit today and experience firsthand the awesomeness of Japanese cuisine. From our location at Rowland Heights, we serve surrounding areas, reaching out to customers who want a unique and satisfying experience with food. To place your orders, visit lunch599.com and go through our offered menu, make your choice and place an order.

Lunch599.com, we got you covered day in and day out.

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18888 Labin Ct #C110A

Rowland Heights CA 91748


Opening Hours: 11:30am - 8:00pm


 Lunch & Dinner Delivery or Pick Up 

网上订购:11:30 am-8:00 pm 


1. 5英里内最低订单金额为$ 30

$ 4.99运费 

2.最低订购金额为$ 80 / 5-10英里内

$ 9.99运费 

3.最低订购额为$ 150 / 10-15英里内

$ 19.99运费 




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